Create / Edit a Blog Article

How to create or edit a blog article.

Certain members have been granted the right to create blog articles which will be available for all to read. These members can also edit their own articles. Once published all blog articles and comments will be available for reading by anyone who visits the website.

Before you can create or edit a blog article you must log in as a member.

Create New Blog Article

Either navigate to the Blog section through the menu bar and click on NEW or select Create Blog Article from the User Menu in the sidebar.

 Give the article a title and you will be able to create your article in a similar manner to using any document creator as seen below.

 You will notice in the example above that there is a red dotted line after the first sentence. This is a "read more" break which can be inserted by positioning the cursor and clicking on "Read More". The idea here is that only content above the red line will be shown on the first screen in the blog section and will be followed by a "Read More" button, which, when clicked, will display the entire article. It is important, therefore, that the content above the red line is kept short and gives a good guide as to what the article is about. In this way the reader will not be presented with many full articles which they have to scroll through to find what they want, but, instead will be presented with a list of short blog descriptions in an easy to navigate and uncluttered way. If they wish to read an article of interest all they have to do is click on the relevant "Read More" button.

Images can be inserted in various ways. If the image is on your local computer it will need to be uploaded to the website.

Clicking the Image word on the bottom line of the controls will give you all the options necessary. At the bottom of the pop-up box is a section for selecting and uploading images.

Once uploaded the image will be in the main "Images" folder and will be visible when you next click the Image command

 The image can be re-sized, given space around it, floated etc. by selecting the image edit button in the control panel. Or making aright click on the image and selecting image from there.


When you have finished (or partially finished) do not forget to to save your work.


Editing a Blog Article

You can only edit your own articles. To start this process you will first need to select BLOG from the main menu and navigate to the article you need to edit.

Editing can be done by clicking on the maintenance icon adjacent to your article. as seen here, then selecting Edit. This will bring up the screen as when you created the article. If the article is unpublished it will be shown above the published articles in that category with a shaded section around it. Note that the maintenance icon will only appear against articles you are allowed to edit.


Publishing the Article

The final step is to publish the article so that it can be seen and read by anyone. Once you are happy with the article go into the edit section and you will see Publishing as one of the top menu options. Select this.

Select the correct Category from the drop-down list - It is important that this should be one of the sub-categories of Blog.

Further down the screen under Status change the Unpublished to Published and then click on the SAVE button.

It is also worth noting that this publishing screen also contains fields for time limited publishing. For example if you don't want the article to appear before a certain date you can set this in the Start Publishing field. Similarly, if you only want the article to appear up to a certain date then this can be set in the End Publishing field.


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