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Guide to logging in and out of the members area.

Logging-in to the website will give more menu options as well as allowing comments or questions to be posted to Blog Articles. Using the website without logging-in is fine but you will only have access to the same content as any member of the public.

Members can log in to (or out of) the website from any page by selecting the sidebar area where the form is located. This sidebar can be made visible by clicking the so called "hamburger" icon at the top left of the screen  (3 stacked horizontal lines).



Logging in will require your membership number and password.

Enter your Membership Number as the Username (Please Note that if your Membership Number is a single digit you will need to key in a leading zero e.g. 7 becomes 07)

Enter your Password in the Password box.


Note! - The first time you log in as a member your password will be your surname with a capital first letter and the rest in lower case. You will then be directed to a screen where you should change your password to something familiar to yourself.

If you forget your Username or Password on subsequent log-ins you can use the links below the Log-in button to enable reset.

You can also change your username or password by selecting Edit Profile from the members menu




 When you are successfully logged-in to the website, the sidebar will change to a log-out form and further menu options, only available to members, will appear also. These can be accessed at any time with the top left "hamburger" icon or hidden with the "X" at the top right of the sidebar.

The Menu Item "Edit Profile" will allow you to change your password at any time or update your email address. Please do not worry as the email address entered here will be seen by nobody but yourself. It is required solely for the purpose of sending you the reset procedure information should you forget your username or password.



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