Winter League 2019 / 2020 Fixtures

We have two teams entered in the league - designated Spitfires and Hurricanes and their match schedules are as follows:-

Date      Spitfires |            Hurricanes  
9th October 2019Home to Zurgena Hurricanes|Away to Zurgena Spitfires 
16th October 2019Home to Mojácar Levante|Away to Indalo Phoenix 
23rd October 2019Home to Indalo Phoenix|Away to Cabrera Panthers 
30th October 2019Home to Cabrera Panthers|Away to Almería Gunners 
6th November 2019Away to Almería Ramblers|Home to Almería Rovers 
13th November 2019Away to Cabrera Cougars|Home to Indalo Eagles 
20th November 2019Away to Almería Rovers|Home to Indalo Musketeers 
27th November 2019Home to Indalo Musketeers|Away to Cabrera Cougars 
4th December 2019No Game|Home to Indalo Vikings 
11th December 2019Away to Indalo Vikings|Home to Mojácar Sirocco 
8th January 2020Home to Mojácar Sirocco|Away to Almería Ramblers 
15th January 2020Home to Indalo Eagles|No Game 
22nd January 2020Away to Almería Gunners|Home to Mojácar Levante 
29th January 2020No Game|No Game 
5th February 2020Home to Cabrera Cougars|Away to Indalo Eagles 
12th February 2020Away to Cabrera Panthers|Home to Cabrera Cougars 
19th February 2020Away to Indalo Eagles|Away to Mojácar Sirocco 
26th February 2020Away to Mojácar Sirocco|Home to Indalo Phoenix 
4th March 2020Away to Zurgena Hurricanes|Home to Zurgena Spitfires 
11th March 2020Away to Indalo Phoenix|No Game 
18th March 2020No Game|Home to Cabrera Panthers 

The 1st division for the 2nd part of the season will contain the top 6 teams from the 1st part of the season. The 2nd Division will be the remaining 7 teams.

Click Here for the full schedule - published on the FAB website.

CAA Winter Triples League Table

Click Here for the League Table - published on the FAB website.

CAA Winter Triples League Rules

Click Here for the League Rules - published on the FAB website.




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